Providing Strategic Engineering and Project Management Consultancy

Owners in Optimizing Project Delivery

Matera guides investors and portfolio companies towards sound and financeable business models by addressing development and execution risks at project inception (A-round investor solicitation, B-round project finance), during planning and execution of pilot and demonstration facilities, and throughout the balance of commercial facility planning, construction, and commissioning.

Matera provides services such as management team evaluation, project planning, fatal flaw analyses, capital cost estimates, permitting support, project management, contracting, and third-party diligence. Matera is presently working with multiple development companies worldwide on biogas, biofuel, and bioproduct development visions. Matera professionals have completed projects in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Britain, and the Caribbean.

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At Matera LLC, we specialize in identifying opportunities by defining the core of your project. We collaborate with our clients, assessing the interrelated risks of each project and guiding it towards an objective “Go/No-Go” assessment that considers market and financial expectations.

Through early detection of potential weaknesses, we enable our clients to address deficiencies, seize strategic opportunities, select ideal project delivery contract approaches, and apply key principles of engineering, financial management, risk management, and project management.


In the development phase, our network of subject-matter experts offers strategic advisory and project development guidance through project reviews, participation in project bids, and iterative conversations that converge on risk-balanced project delivery approaches

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Matera personnel are keenly aware that successful projects require efficient capital structures that appropriately address the many risks inherent in the engineering and delivery stages.

We offer our expertise to help manage the project team, contracts, financial reporting and controls, as well as change management that inevitably arises during projects. Without consistent attention, we have found that these multiple uncertainties can increase project costs and negatively impact investor returns.

At Matera LLC, we can develop and execute a contracting strategy that optimizes the project risk profile at the lowest risk-adjusted capital expenditure.