Who We Are

Matera LLC is a team of accomplished project management and development professionals with a rich history of steering capital projects worth over $1 billion in aggregate throughout the renewable energy, renewable fuel, and wood products sectors.

We have extensive experience managing all aspects of project development, from the initial concept to the handover to operations.

At Matera LLC, we specialize in identifying and addressing potential weaknesses in project strategy and execution during the development and construction phases. We leverage our expertise in engineering, finance, risk management, and project management to systematically rectify any deficiencies.

Our services extend to coproduct optimization, technology scaling, project development, and EPC delivery through comprehensive management team service on a contract basis.

Our Leadership

Tim Richter, PE, GE, CEG, PMP, President
Mr. Richter is a professional engineer and project manager who has served on numerous management teams over the last fifteen years after a ten-year career in geotechnical and geological engineering. Mr. Richter has expertise in project origination, development, and execution roles in the renewable -fuel, -product and -energy sectors. He is a proven and collaborative member of leadership teams seeking to conceive and implement strategic project portfolios, both in entrepreneurial project origination and large-scale capital deployment.

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William Todd Muse, Director of Financial Controls
Mr. Muse is an experienced corporate & project controller with 20+ years of financial management experience. With his early career in financial & process auditing, he has used his analytical and communication skills to engage with teams and senior managers on all sizes of projects and companies. Mr. Muse has expertise in the preparation & analysis of financial statements, developing project budgets & forecasting models, evaluating & comparing multiple bid packages, as well as administering & reconciling contracts. He is committed to providing clients with relevant information to make informed decisions and achieve successful outcomes.

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Our Expertise

Matera LLC is a collective of technical and development professionals who have successfully deployed projects worth over $1 billion in aggregate. We have served as technical consultants and engineering leads for various bioproduct technologies from biomass and existing coproduct streams in diverse market segments. These include:

  • First-Generation Ethanol
  • Cellulosic Ethanol and Green Sugars
  • Biomass-to-Power
  • Industrial Biomass Pellets
  • Thermochemical Conversion
  • Biomass Fractionation
  • Bioproduct Development
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We have spearheaded large development projects, providing technical and business support at every stage of the project lifecycle, from financing and construction to start-up and operations.

Our services cover Technology Feasibility and Fatal Flaws, Site Selection and Optimization, Project Construction and Commissioning, Project Portfolio Development, Development of Project/Portfolio Financials, Regulatory and Administrative Approvals, Capital Project Management and Scheduling, Contract Negotiation, Hazard Identification and Mitigation, and Registered MSHA Contracting.

Matera LLC is committed to helping you identify and mitigate your business risks, ensuring the successful delivery of your vision. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Matera LLC is committed to helping you identify and mitigate your business risks, ensuring the successful delivery of your vision. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].